The Early Years

Back in the crazy days of the late 60’s I was in a band called Johns’ Followers. So called because three of the band members were called John : John Loveday (Vocals), John Martin (Guitar) and John (Chucky) Swain (Drums). Even in those days the battle of the apostrophe raged. When I thought of the name it was Johns’ followers, who are of course  Trevor Tillotson (bass) and myself – Andrew Pickles (Keyboards).

As a band we were quite successful in the North, and as many bands did in that day we chanced our arm working in Europe. We started in Zurich and then travelled on to Milan where we came across an agency and lable called Arlechini. They had a song they wanted to promote  called Buone Vacanze, and needed a song for the ‘B’ side. I was 17 at the time, full of flower power and hope and had just written a song called Crystal Mountain, which we had just started rehearsing.

It never sold many, but a lot of years later it appeared on a compilation CD called “Cornflake Zoo 20” which is available on Amazon.

It is clearly a record of its time, flower power, Maharishi Mahesh,Procol Harum  and the belief that we really could change the world and bring about peace. That mantle now passes to the new generation and I believe there is still hope.

People asked about the title “Crystal Mountain”. At the time it was just a place and title that came into my head. Many year later whilst studying Budhism I found that it was a reall place in Tibet, which is now quite popular. I returned to Tibet (metaphorically speaking) with my song “Blood on Scarlet Robes” which is about the Chines invasion of Tibet and the masacre of the Budhist monks in the 1950’s .






Yorkshire Clubs

Following John’s Followers and another Yorkshire band called originally “Hepworths Good Impressions” or later just “Hepworths” I worked as a backing organist in the Yorkshire clubs. These were great days with a lot of talent touring . Names such as Billy Fury, The Harper Brothers (later Canon and Ball, the wonderful Marti Cain3, Billy J Kramer and many others. I worked with the drummer from Wee Willie Harris (Paul Minchella) and we still work together occasionally.

They were hectic times. Artists would arrive and present the manuscripts for their performance. You would have ten minutes to talk through the arrangement in the dressing room and then that was it. On stage, live, sight reading what often were some complicated parts.

Whilst doing this I met up with Tony Shane and wrote a demo album and released a single with the tracks “The loneliest Band In Town” and “A bird without Wings”.

Hercules and Co (1980’s)

I teamed up with the director from Keighley youth theatre and together we wrote the music for the musical Hercules & Co which was performed locally and at a few schools across the country. This was really well received and we tried valiantly to get some wider interest for national and regional promoters, but without success. This was a real shame as it was a good piece of work  andmany of the tracks still sound fresh today.

Back to College

And as the and of the century approached I took myself back to college to study at Leeds College of Music. This was a great time, my only wish is that I had done it sooner.

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