Adam Pickles  1972 –  2021

I used to do a lot of work with my son Adam Pickles. He was an excellent guitarist and has played in many bands over the years.

He worked as head of English at an international school in Thailand. During this time his main two bands were “The Crazy 88” and “Mexican Suicide”. Both bands recorded albums and examples are found elsewhere on this site.In 2012 he was assaulted whilst on his way home. He was hit over the head and sustained severe brain injuries. He was in a minimally conscious state for eight and a half years, unable to communicate and was cared for by myself and my wife and a team of carers at home. Despite all the care provided he started to weaken towards the end of 2020 and on 1st January 2021 he was taken into hospital in Leeds. He died on the morning of 3rd January 2021. His parents , his carers his friends and his music were with him to the end.

His music and the bits of work we did together are naturally very precious to me. Two tracks are available on this site. .

The first is entitled “Blood on Scarlet Robes”.  Thanks to some very kind people on Procollabs – Nathan (Nate) Roth who provided the vocals and Frank Perez who  did the production and the Procollabs team who gave guidance and assistance where needed, we now have a final version of this song. Links are available on the collaborations page .It is also available on Youtube Tydal, Spotify, Itunes Apple store, Amazon Prime Music, Google Music store and many others under the band name Eboracum, with the track title “Blood on Scarlet Robes”.

Many people have asked to hear more recordings from Adam. Here is the complete Mexican Suicide set.

And finally a track started its life as “Ee ba gum”, which you will understand when you hear the opening bass riff. For those of you who do not originate from Yorkshire , or “God’s own County”,  in its polite form it means “Goodness me”, but the title has been changed to “A Rainy Night in Thorner”, which is where we live and what it was. Click HERE to listen on Youtube.

I hope you have enjoyed all of the music and information on these pages. This is very much a labour of love and something I very much hope to continue. I you would like to contribute to the costs of maintaining the site and producing the music that would really be appreciated. Any amount is welcome, really any amount from £0.10 upwards. Thank you.

For those who are interested there is a lot more information on Adam’s Facebook page at

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